#Law in velvet

Toxic process fouls justice font

Carol Anderson - So when you think of Ferguson, don’t just think of black resentment at a criminal justice system that allows a white police officer to put six bullets into an unarmed black teen. 
Consider the economic dislocation of black America.
Remember a Florida judge instructing a jury to focus only on the moment when George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin interacted, thus transforming a 17-year-old, unarmed kid into a big, scary black guy, while the grown man who stalked him through the neighborhood with a loaded gun becomes a victim. 
Remember the assault on the Voting Rights Act. 
Look at Connick v. Thompson, a partisan 5-4 Supreme Court decision in 2011 that ruled it was legal for a city prosecutor’s staff to hide evidence that exonerated a black man who was rotting on death row for 14 years. 
And think of a recent study by Stanford University psychology researchers concluding that, when white people were told that black Americans are incarcerated in numbers far beyond their proportion of the population, “they reported being more afraid of crime and more likely to support the kinds of punitive policies that exacerbate the racial disparities,” such as three-strikes or stop-and-frisk laws.
Only then does Ferguson make sense. It’s about white rage.

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#China Australia trade agreement اتفاق التجارة بين الصين أستراليا

Unlike the Obama speech in Brisbane on Saturday which chided countries, including Australia for inaction on climate change and warned of security threats amassing in Asia – a reference in part to China – Mr Xi offered a positive version of the security situation, inviting Australia to get with the side wanting peace.
"We should be harmonious neighbours who stick together through good and bad," he said, notwithstanding Australia's formal treaty obligations under the ANZUS alliance.

"Australia is an influential country and we welcome Australia to play a more constructive role in the region.

"Our two countries should co-operate in disaster relief, counter-terrorism, maritime safety, and jointly meet various security challenges to our region."

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A warlike state will fall وهناك دولة الحربية تسقط

While China is big in size, President Xi said, "our forefathers realized over 2,000 years ago that a warlike state, however big it may be, will eventually fall."

"A harmonious and stable domestic environment and a peaceful international environment are what China needs most," he noted, adding that neither turbulence nor war serves the fundamental interests of the Chinese people.

Xi pledged that China will continue to follow a win-win strategy of opening-up, both uphold justice and promote cooperation, develop an open economy and strengthen and expand all-round mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries.

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