Everybody owns one corpse not theirs

The law is that there is no property in a dead body. That is, whereas a near kin may properly claim possession of a corpse for the temporary purposes, such right to possession is not valuable, not properly for sale.

Law is our faculty of discussion, now. Law serves other purposes, too. Let's see, now by law, and by contemplating corrollaries, or other distortions of a base precept, such as that in the paragraph foregoing, what such throws may depict, particularly when we're talking a dead body.

If the body is not anyone's property, is it so that it is everyone's property? It suits the hygiene of the weal that the corpse is properly, respectfully interred. But that is not a property in the corpse.

The legal disposition of the personalties and realties, the chattels and lands, the properties of the deceased is quite else than what we may conceive of the dead body, which may be of the departed, but is not that person.

Let's turn the base on its head. If not any particular property - rare of the objects - in a dead body, may we for useful amusement contemplate that every property attaches to that dead body.

Most ancient lights reflect Father's endurance

Looking our western horizon after evenings this southern winter is the worldwide spectacular of brighter Venus making a beeline for Jupiter, the ancients' Jove and many other names of different peoples, all of whom are known individually about all the heavens

Obama, a spirit for all seasons

"For too long, we've been blind to the unique mayhem that gun violence inflicts upon this nation.

"Sporadically, our eyes are open when eight [nine] of our brothers and sisters are cut down in a church basement, 12 in a movie theatre, 26 in an elementary school. But I hope we also see the 30 precious lives cut short by gun violence in this country every single day the countless more whose lives are forever changed, the survivors crippled, the children traumatised and fearful every day as they walk to school, the husband who will never feel his wife's warm touch, the entire communities whose grief overflows every time they have to watch what happened to them happening to some other place." More SMH 27/6/2015

#Abbott endangers Australians

During the broadcast panelist Bret Walker, SC - pictured left - who was the former independent national security legislation monitor, also said an investigation should be launched into whether Australian officials paid people smugglers.

"In relation to crime, call me old fashioned but there should be an investigation, proper material gathered and charges considered and if prosecutors think something should be done about it," Mr Walker said. "We at least live in a country where superior orders will not be a defence.  

"I don't want to suggest that any Australian Commonwealth officer has done anything wrong. I don't know." 

But Mr Walker said the claims could end in a "historical conflict" where the executive refuse to answer questions about how public resources have been used and whether there has been unlawful conduct.

"That is not a matter of the criminal law. That is a matter of responsible Government here and now, day by day in parliament," he said. More SMH 16 June 2015 >>

Your Crowns By Your Rights

A personal Australasian Crown of service is a focused unity representing the restoration of integrity & concern of our society 

A personal Australasian Crown of service in Sydney will bring many tourists & be immense boon for commercial & general prosperity 

A personal Australasian Crown of service installation, maintenance, utility & convenience appeals for rapid updated constitution 

A personal Australasian Crown of service in Sydney is easily removed & the old system, or a better installed, with undertakings 

Personal Australasian Crown of service in Sydney permits the abolition of the income taxes on the endeavours of natural persons 

Personal Australasian Crown of service in Sydney assures the futureintegrity of utility & service deliveries & treaties 

Personal Australasian Crown of service in Sydney brings national congress, of all delegates & leaders & capital & service 

A faculty of the fiction of the Peoples Divine Imperial Crown in personal service in Sydney is its originality, & distance 

Another faculty of the fiction of the Peoples Divine Imperial Crown in personal service in Sydney is narrative novelty 

Narrative novelty permits divestment of suitable Crown powers to every household, while assuring due judicial process

Tort law reform brings dangerous streets, corrupted parliaments

The Howard-Carr political years in New South Wales have a legacy of sharply degraded public facilities and increased insurance premiums.

Legislation is not law

Law is what people do, particularly with each other.

Law is in our thoughts and of our thought, our sensations, our desires, our memories, our movements, our self regard and respect for others, and much more, and all so for our each and conjoined advantages. 

Law is personal to you. You make the law by your direction of your thoughts, to your regards for yourself and others, to your learnings, to your behaviours. 

Legislation, you can see therefore, is not law.

Legislation may institute a collective. Legislation may allocate collected revenues. Legislation may purport to authorise an officer to act.

Reading legislation is reading what may be made of the law. Reading a determination dependent upon legislation is law.

Australia federal and state parliaments' expressed behaviours are thoroughly possessed of the vices of public waste and private accretion, this issuing from want of adequate education in the mores of statecraft.

The legislation issued by these rotten boroughs is in 2015 unreadable by the ordinary person.

Law, like love, is the face of the eternal, effervescent, evanescent, purposeful.

When the slothful Australian parliaments surrendered any signal of law but the corruptions, they became for deep ocean dumping, cold dark slag heaps, good for nothing, unequal to the lights of justice.

Affecting pleasures of homicide disavows Qu'ran

Wherever is revealed in our Qu'ran the notion of the homicide of another person is admonition to the reader to eschew from his own soul the any likelihood of directing his own soul's form towards behavior which would identify the reader's own soul as apostate in point of the revelation of God the Almighty.

What God the Father reveals, instantly by the Prophet, is intention to afford deathlessness among each and all human beings. 

It is not the fact that death and to be forgotten is the result of a human existence.

Deployment of eternal force negates the notion that death is the end of a human life.

That is a divine preserve, the eternal regnal prerogative, the spark of original and ancient justice.

Offering homicide is pathologic. It is sure symptom of befuddled, short-sighted, stupid, and incapable idiocy, that is, the homicidalist is not good company for himself, or the rest of us.

We're aboard Her Divine Imperial Majesty's nation carrier. 

By All, the Empress requires educated comportment of all aboard and abroad.