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#usa #kairo #reyy #beijing Reason a key to Paradise السبب مفتاح الجنة

There are many rational proofs to the existence of a god, elsewhere described.

Such proofs are distinct from past, overseas revelations of God recorded in traditional scriptures to peoples in distant lands many centuries ago. 

Traditional scriptures and religious adherences are highly valued for their education and the distinct lights with which they imbue the souls of many people who have previously died, making easier their angelic relocation and revitalisation. Please see What Happens When One Dies? 

That is also a factor to favour retention of the Australian national flag, bearing in mind our duty to our forebears, not least in spirit.

And you can be sure, that every, each one of those folks, whether you know them or not, vote for their each and every return, and yours, with ambitions and commitments, sworn to peace, by whichever lights afford the delivery.

Reason by many rations also affords the laughably preposterous conjectural forecast of practical scientific and mechanical restoration of the dears. 

That may be a century or more beyond the immediate. Do you recognise a century ago? Quixotic, particularly when one consider the revelations reserve to the deity arbitral weald over the restoration of the souls.

God we know by reason enables life in human form without fear of death, a state permitting endeavour and service. This is not bliss nor abandon. It's puppy school.


A cool #Twitter conjunction #music #rock #usa #nyc

Here is a Twitter coincidence - 
Garland Jeffreys - click pic to bio

This afternoon in Sydney here tweeted, merely while listening, was the Kill Bill movie soundtrack inclusion Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood - please help with the performer.

Nonetheless, as you may see from the succession of tweets pictured below, a watcher Mr HY thanked for the above music link.

Shortly afterwards, Mr HY tweeted a link to another track, a work of the finely reputed performer, Mr Garland Jeffreys, pictured above, and entitled 96 Tears. AE then tweeted the picture link to 96 Tears, the tweet below. That was retweeted by @garlandjeffreys.

Sweet connections, sweet tones. Thanks.