What happens if one dies

The short answer to the headline question is: ADPA gets you back.

That is, agents of the Anti Death Party Australasia will locate your soul, and invite your consent to your reincarnation in human form, such form consonant with your comfort, pride and joy.

What you do after that is up to you. You should develop interesting and useful as well as gainful pursuits to fill in the endless hours.

Of course, wait for any other understanding, of which we would not deter you.

God the Father elicits human utility of his service, none of which necessitates your progressive frailty or suspension from enjoyment of the gifts of peaceful life in our many, near and far abundant places, of these centuries shortly before us.

Of course, the waiting list is immense, in single family terms, but thinking of all the cousins in family terms let’s one appreciate the pleasure of the task is the improving repetition.

If you seek inspiration for your longer days’ investments, what would alter current best practice?

Can you love forever? That must answer yes, for every human being is quintessentially a bloom of love, moulded commonly yet unique.

Less romantic ascription may be some learning, or if vulgar, self-demeaning in reflection.

And to extraordinary self gratification, where is the demonstrated service to the practical advantage of the empire of humanity whose whole trust we each individual souls wear?

If apprehending nothing after you die, now you can’t be surprised if we turn up, of course, leaving you the option.

ADPA asks that you merely accept as, perhaps odd tokenism, our vapid assurance that of course, should God turn up with prior rights’ insistences, we would immediately, largely vacate the field, as it were, and we are the least likely to call on the angels.

Largely vacate, because were you perhaps to apprehend a somewhat adverse tilt in the measure of divine balance, you could certainly in that circumstance rely on a positive response to your instructing us to plead the better result before God.

You may scoff, in the circumstance perhaps you will surprise yourself, as the ADPA agent reassures you that the plea on your behalf is guaranteed to succeed, but this is true. No fee is required. Discretion assured.

Of course, there are many more exotic climes described in cultures’ stories beyond our instant immediate intermediate mortal state, and ADPA assures all that its agents never intrude.

Persons In Law #jurisprudence

Would you set aside Christ's death?

If you could, would you set aside the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? 

Whatever your position regarding Christian witness, would the story of Jesus Christ be the same to you, without the Saviour having been put to death? 

The Jesus Appeal: A Short Play For Three Friends, by Sharni & Anthony Monaghan

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Australian Queen for Australia #AlwaysVictorious

The Australian federation is a stinking mess. If you're Australian you know that. How to fix it is another question.

The only way to clean up Australian politics and civil administration is to have an Australian Queen of Australia, who is not the Queen of Britain.

You know God elects the Australian Queen of Australia. 

The Australian Queen of Australia is Always Victorious.

You can trust the Australian Queen. 

You know the Queen trusts you.

The Queen is justice. 

The Queen brings the law.

The Queen is victory. 

The Queen is decency. 

The Queen is compassion. 

The Queen is mercy.

The Queen is eternal inspiration to all our young emperors and empresses. 

The Queen is incorruptible.

The Queen is learned. 

The Queen works.

The Queen is polite.

The Queen restores Heaven

Profession should buy motor accidents scheme #law

From Motor Accidents Monthly Summaries August 2016

Successive NSW political executives have proved themselves unable to administer the compulsory New South Wales motor vehicles injury third party scheme.
The current political parliamentary majority demonstrates that cash and liquor donations to party associates yield legislative favour, for instance, with gambling, compulsory land acquisitions, public transport, compulsory fuel additives, brothels, schools, land titles registration, public hospitals, gaols, &c.

The Baird-Dominello proposals to cut  injury recompense to people injured in motor accidents yet to maintain compulsory third party premiums can be seen as part of a system of franchising tax farms.

In co-operative body, Australian legal professionals should take steps to obtain these franchises where necessary.

For instance, the legal profession should purchase the various States’ land titles offices and registration schemes

The Commonwealth and States presently embarrassing workers compensation schemes should be privatised to the legal professional corporation.

Making submissions to the political parties based on public policy principles is futile.

Expecting able and honest executive and parliamentary performance, either in Sydney, the other States’ capitals or Canberra, is vain.

To purchase the NSW CTP scheme would probably cost some hundreds of millions of dollars above board to the Treasury, and another several tens of millions to the tax haven accounts of those you know.

The Australian legal professional insurance corporation might raise shareholder capital of $100,000 each over 10,000 firms to provide $1 billion.

Otherwise, in reality, the political cabals are determined to slay Australian legal practices.

Cash is a convenient weapon in defence of the common, for the moment at least.
  Anthony Monaghan, Sydney

Venus moves South China Sea war scenario

Further to last month's observations - see Planets' rivalries presage South China Sea War - bold and beautiful Venus, Aphrodite, has flung upwards the western horizon and tonight, 18 October 2016, is at the threshold of the head of the Scorpion, that ruddy northern constellation boasting prized ruby Antares.

Mars must have seen her coming, and what was earlier taken to be a rush to assert himself before mysterious Saturn who is dallying yet, while Mars has scooted into the arms of the northern archer, Sagitarius, rather ominously it was previously thought, you know, reputed god of war in the arms of the archer, after all, now it seems the diffuse halos of tranquility and beauteous serenity which precede the lustrous Venus have put aside any considerations of belligerence.

In such circumstances, given the reflections of proceedings in the South China Sea apparent in the night time movements of the planets and stars, things look more peaceful.

What will Mars do next? 

Where is Mercury?