Australia immediate aspects

24 per cent of Australians think that in some circumstances a non-democratic government can be preferable.

Almost half of Aboriginal men and more than a third of women die before they turn 45.

Total direct Indigenous expenditure by government is $25.4 billion, 5.6 per cent of total direct government expenditure.

In 2012, Australia's nominal GDP was $1501 billion.

Half of all Tasmanians aged 15 to 74 are functionally illiterate.

In 2011-12 about 2.6 million (11.8 per cent) Australians lived under the poverty line.

A single person living alone, who took home $43,000 in 2012 after income tax, had a material standard of living higher than 50 per cent of the population, and lower than 50 per cent of the population.

From Jonathan Green - More ABC >>

#Australia parliaments crackers

This Australia parliamentary system is crackers. Everyone in Australia knows that.

The MPs rort everything, sound stupid, and hunt sinecures, while inflicting reductions and terror on the people. 

And there is no reason to accept except that parliamentary, executive, delegatory and associated contractor misbehaviour will widen, worsen, without relief to the common of these islands, unless.

What's behind unless need not be said to be better when compared to what the stupid parliamentary system will inflict on us next in the name of government.

Fear sells big Stateside #Ferguson

Author Mr Daniel Fallon
In the US, fear is a big selling tool, too. Whole industries here depend on it. From personal firearms to home alarm systems as well as all the equipment being sold into police departments to prepare them to face mass riots, there are many products designed to give you peace of mind. They do not, however, help deliver peace. The racial tension and distrust in Ferguson are part of a much wider malaise in America that can’t be cured through tear gas or Molotov cocktails. And that malaise is fear. More SMH 2014/08/20 >>

Airhead pals beggar USA civic service #Texas

Governor Perry
More specifically, her office was conducting a potentially damaging investigation into a medical research institute that has been one of Mr Perry's favourite avenues for grants and jobs. The indictment on Friday marked a change in fortunes for a man who has been an unrivalled power in Texas. Throughout his nearly 14 years as governor, Mr Perry has filled every position on every board and commission in the state. That amounts to thousands of appointments, from the most obscure positions on the Texas Funeral Service Commission to more influential posts on university boards of regents. More SMH 2014/08/17 >>

Meanwhile, in @CorruptCanberra, Australia government Treasurer Joe Hockey has defended his practice of claiming a $270 a night taxpayer-funded travelling allowance to stay in a Canberra house majority-owned by his wife - More 2014/08/17 >>

Erroneous the least remarked god

Best in show - Photo: thank you, Mike Clarke
If the headline statement is correct, marketing should instruct clerical to agenda the board to get the Approval to instruct legal to squat the intellectual property in the name. 

Maybe useful in some campaigns as a straw dog. 

Has research come up with anything? Has it occurred to anyone that Erroneous did not exist? Is this a verifiable Roman or Greek god? That's essential to move product.

Is this Erroneous just a figment of someone's imagination? Just made up? Whose name of any god sounds mistake?

Erroneous - OMG! Scrap it. Or?

Lucky, Zubenelgenubi between Mars & Saturn

Since mid-July- see Zubenelgenubi partners Saturn, Mars by Spica - the after dinner overhead witnesses Mars La Rouge, having abandoned consortium of Spica, now stalking flaxen Saturn, of the richest rings. 

Is it to be robbery abroad the night's
lights' planes?

Lucky for Saturn, at least on the foregoing thesis, Zubenelgenubi - one of the luckiest stars of the firmament, the others yet to tell - twinkles sturdily between the Lady of State, and her bellicose marauder. 

Mars has another two thumbs' swim against the tides of Earth before reaching Zubenelgenubi, the same farther to Saturn, whose response to the martian vector may yet surprise.
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