Just people by God #law #equity #regina

The blazon of the US Supreme Court ... "Equal Justice Under Law" really needs modern amendment to reflect universal centuries ideals.

Justice is uniquely individual, commendably equivalent, but never equal, never the same.

Law is under our feet. Ground law constitutes nations. 

Our daily traverses are guided by laws set in earth.

Justice is the only crop of Earth's eternal spirit

We people all walk above the law, carefully. 

The two way street of common politeness is horizontal.

Vertically should be seen the same. 

Through your being, from the center of the Earth through the skies is your freehold by common law. 

The common law supports our lively progresses in peace, prosperity, by assuring our confidence in others of justice rendered in common respects.

That's how we live, in just society. 

That's why and how we are just people.

The whole of the Creation

The record is a phrase often heard in connection with arguments at law in the forum, the Senate, the Courts. 

What is it? 

There’s all the law’s papers and words but that’s not the big picture. 

In a big picture perspective, the record is the whole of the Creation, that is, every object, every action of the universe. 

However you rate the prospects of the existence of the divine, anyone would accept that every star obliges the law of gravity, every vision knows photons in charge of order. 

Your every step, your thoughts, words said and written, from the ionic minute to the massive mountain, all responsive to many other peculiar properties but too, the laws of cause and effect.

We all make contribution to the great record in our beings and the more.