Live-feed Star Chamber to exquisition MPs

Following lawful apprehension of the misbehaviors reasonably imperilling confidence in Australian administrative and defence security, principals of the various States of Rotteness &c should be subject to ecclesiastical cross-examination in Court Simple, with live coverage.

Should be fun for everyone, nearly.

Program sponsors, as well as realisation of the constructive trusts levied at the suits of justice, should return billions of dollars to the Imperial Revenues, that for the presses of hospitals, schools, transports, and the much more. 

Live feed Star Chamber. Tons of content. Twice weekly, 60 mins edited highlights of the previous 24 hours' grilling of say, the currently available, half dozen Crown assets trustees.

Interesting to compare the examiner's skills. 

Odds avail to amounts admitted received, or where offshore accounts are secreted, or amounts of tax avoidance, or bribes, compared with other information. 

Rupert, I do see you reorganising the Printers' Chapels. Otherwise, what would you like to confess, first?

#Canberra relocation for #UN #auspol

The nations of the Eastern and Southern hemisphere would be well served by establishing another United Nations, that to operate out of the former Australian capital, Canberra.

AntiDeathPartyAustralasia contends a convenient deployment of the vast administrative resource of Canberra and its environs, as well as its plentiful space and convenient international transport facilities, would be well suited to long term lease to the reformed United Nations by the Peoples of Australasia through their Divine Imperial Crowns in Sydney.

ADPA, via the Crown, will by edict reform the Australasian constitutional arrangements, to unify civil administrative responsibilities, maintain the districts of the States, assert vigorous extirpation of civil woes and restoration of public assets about each of the provincial capitals and regions, introduce national congress and senate, selected by plebiscite and franchise.

Individual freedoms and safety and security and welfare of the nation and its children and future is primary concern to your AntiDeathPartyAustralasia

Questions for the swaggering whatsisname

Mr Higginson wrote that he had raised $70 million since 2011 and recently "laid out my plans to the PM" to travel to the United States to raise "tens of millions" from donors - SMH 24 February 2014 More >>.

How much money do you attract from donors in the USA, Mr Abbott? 

If that was paid to the Liberal Party, why does the Liberal Party need public funding? 

Do the USA donors include weapons manufacturers? 

Have those weapons manufacturers donors contracted to sell to Japan? 

Did you tell those USA arms dealers that you would ensure Australia would buy Japanese submarines? 

#Sydney sky #auspol

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Australia Workers Revolutionary Action Party #auspol

Australian Workers Revolutionary Action Party assures restoration of integrity in central government domestic and defence administration, says Mr Anthony Monaghan, of Sydney.

"Australian working people have been betrayed by the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal-National Party, the Greens, and so-called independent MPs," Mr Monaghan said.

"Working family people are fearful their interests and opportunities are being squandered by immature administators in public office but owned by vice mongers."

AWRAP urges widespread reform of the Australian political system.

"A nation which loses at war repeatedly requires stern disciplinary correction of its leadership protocols," Mr Monaghan said.

Fundamentalist falsies wrack #USA

Mr Giuliani has dived off the deep end before, so there was nothing all that surprising in his latest poison. 

But as Post columnist Dana Milbank points out, his remarks presented an early test of character for Mr Walker, and Mr Walker failed spectacularly.

At the dinner, the governor said nothing. Even the next morning, having had a night to ponder, Mr. Walker chose not to lift himself out of the Giuliani sewer. “The mayor can speak for himself. I’m not going to comment on what the president thinks or not. He can speak for himself as well,” Mr. Walker said on CNBC. “I’ll tell you, I love America, and I think there are plenty of people — Democrat, Republican, independent, everyone in between — who love this country.”

Mr Walker likes to present himself as a man of courage, based on his record in Wisconsin, but maybe facing down public-sector unions doesn’t tell you all that much about the bravery of a Republican governor. 

On two occasions in recent days, he has proved himself incapable of saying basic truths that might offend some of his potential voters: First, that evolution is real, and second, that an honorable politician criticizes his opponent’s policies, not his patriotism. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) showed his understanding of that principle Friday when he said, “I believe the president loves America. His ideas are bad.”

More, from Washington Post 21 February 2015 >>

Bribery plays #Adelaide submarine deal

Australian, American, Chinese and Japanese parents will enjoy this play.

Mr USA to Mr Japan, "Look, buy 100 of our new fighter jets at only $1 billion each, and we'll make sure Australia buys submarines from you for $20 billion. That means you're getting the fighters below cost, and you'll look as though you're strong at home."

Good sales representatives will appreciate that a $100 billion contract has more than $30 billion profit, and more importantly, has about $20 billion for marketing.

Mr USA to Mr Howard, "Mate, we've got $1.5 billion for you and your pals - offshore accounts, US residence, foundation appointments, the usual things - so long as you swing that submarines contract to Mr Japan." 

Mr Howard to Mr USA, "It'll cost $2 billion." Mr USA: "You got it. How are your boys going at the Bush Bank in Texas?"

Mr Howard to Mr Abbott: "Texas is fabulous." Mr Abbott: "You got it."

Workers Crowns untangle frauds

Single member companies as permitted under the old Australian companies statutes are for Imperial Crowns abolition because the enterprise form promotes fraud, incurs unnecessary costs, and injures commercial confidence.

The Imperial Treasury speaker said the Corporations Law would amend by fiat with transitional convenience.

"The liberty of limited liability requires the exercise of fiduciary responsibility to the various purposes of the Peoples Imperial Crowns' afford of the right to trade under company personality," said the Treasury speaker.

Australia Constitution has no mandate

People of the 1890s in Australia had conceptions of the Universe, the Earth, her all peoples, health and wealth and personal opportunities, of  fewer dimensions than people, say of Australia in 2015AD. 

But even in Australia in the 1890s, the majority of people did not vote for the Australian Constitution.

In the United States of America, there are increasing (please see) calls for reconsideration of the national civilian administration's institutions' interrelationships. It must seem an insurmountable edifice, the redrafting of the Constitution of the United States. The moon too far.

Likewise in Australia, there is a formidable fence surrounding the castellated fort of the affixation of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp) to our better known land, Terra Nullius, aka Australia Fair. 

We never forget our antecedents, theirs and our neighbours, and their enduring spirits of service, and we are inspired by their exemplified gifts of imagination and adaptability.

The Australia Constitution is not Australian, but an enactment of a foreign parliament, the British Imperial Parliament at Westminster in London.

And the Australia Constitution is mere paper, say as distinct from the Biblical Ten Commandments. You can't repeal a divine Act, even with a Senate majority. 

Others will assert the trail of Westminster and Australia Acts of the Westminster and Australian parliaments subsequently exclude any but Australian parliaments from legislating to the Australian common. That's a contestable proposition, having regard to trades, treaties and customs, at least.

The Constitution is only paper prescriptions, penned before Pluto was not known not to be a planet.

None of these paper statutes may withstand at law the express will of a Peoples Divine Empress in Court and Congress of Republic, which is a politically convenient and expedient narrative in gain of a wealthier and amply secured future for the Australasian peoples and our neighbours by the repeal of the inefficient Australian federal system and replacement by unified congress and professional senates with provincial delegations maintaining Commonwealth and States appearances and traditions.

How the Australia Constitution came to be affixed to the real estate was by voting for approval. Please see >>

Also from Wikipedia the following: 
"In 1901, the six Australian colonies united to form the federal Commonwealth of Australia. The first election for the Commonwealth Parliament in 1901 was based on the electoral laws at that time of the six colonies, so that those who had the right to vote and to stand for Parliament at state level had the same rights for the 1901 Australian Federal election. 
Only in South Australia (since 1894) and Western Australia (since 1899) did women have a vote. Tasmania retained a small property qualification for voting, but in the other states all male British subjects over 21 could vote.
Only in South Australia and Tasmania were indigenous Australians even theoretically entitled to vote. A few may have done so in South Australia. 
Western Australia and Queensland specifically barred indigenous people from voting."

So a lot of people of the nations of the country could not vote on the Australia Constitution. 

And of the few who were allowed to vote, most in fact did not vote in approval of the Constitution. 

Faithfully extrapolating from the vote counts of the referendums of the late 1890s on the Commonwealth Constitution: see here >>, one can see that 422,604 votes were cast in approval of the Constitution but 577,666 votes were cast against or failed to vote.

The Australian Constitution has never been put to the Australian electorate, except for a few amendments permitted by the torturous path imposed by section 128

In pidgin law, that section is a clog on the equity of redemption, of nations. 

For that reason, too, the Constitution may be safely repealed, even on appro, in the manner suggested.

Your Peoples Crowns bury poles & wires