Magic kingdoms better Australia

Happy ever after should be the opening words of any renewed Australia constitution* - free to love, and live, evermore, universal, harmonious, progressive. 

Ain't it anyway all narrative? 

Proof is in the Australia pudding: compare the bowls' otherwise contents. Who is telling your country's sweeter story? 

Magic kingdoms administrative systems analysis reveals particular features of this most desirable complement of contemporary State integrity assurance. 

Readers will immediately apprehend that magic kingdoms are original gifts of the divine spirit, and ever retain access to divine spirit provisioning, logistics and able deployments. 

As pictured herein & elsewhere, magic kingdoms are always surrounded by thickets, of one sort or another. Sometimes these resemble death, disease, difficulty, fearfulness, &c. Resemblance is less than substantial.

Corvus demonstrates impressive land-vehicle carrying capability
Thickets are best traversed by reference to the
flight of the corvi, of which more later. Leave behind your sadnesses, your fears. Pack your rolling kit.

Social conditions of magic kingdoms are pretty much as you would imagine, and of course, always improving, nonetheless instantly ideal.

Happiness? Tonnes of the stuff, and joy. As with every other revealed hereafter, interesting and contributory occupations are always available in magic kingdoms across many dimensions of human endeavour.

Magic kingdoms work well with all modern republics, constitutional monarchies, democracies, autocracies, and rudimentary groups.

Every happy family, in obligation to forebears, is key to a magic kingdom, we know.

* Even if we should have ever felt need to have written trust of god in country


In politics, Confucianism advocates "internal saints and external king", which emphasizes a man's personal integrity based on which he governs the whole nation. It can be summed up as "benevolent government". This thought was applied by many later emperors, such as Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, who created one of the most peaceful and prosperous kingdoms in the world. Even today, Chinese leaders stress "morality" and "people oriented" policies More China Daily 2014/09/29 >>