HMAS Australia is sluggish, low

Systems of government in any country endure when their peoples are content and safe. They are the first two degrees of freedom.

That is not circumstance of the Australian peoples in 2017AD. It is also not the circumstance of the peoples of the United States of America.

If the country's peoples are not content and safe, the government system must change.

Our country may be usefully regarded as an aircraft carrier, with many passengers and crew. Let's call her HMAS Australia. She's majesty - not because of an English regnate of honourable past service tradition now passed on to our hands - but because she, our boat, is obliged to safe carriage, guided by the light of the origin of the stars and the seas.

In 2017, HMAS Australia is sluggish, low in the water, making no real headway but, in decreasing, erratic circles, with many fires on board, mad drunks and fop pooh-bahs slapping and seducing each other for turns at the several steering wheels, rifling the general quarters, hollering discordance through old hat megaphones, some engines set some forward, some backwards, some rusted, their pistons seized up, on every deck the personnel in unhappy circumstances.

Unfortunately uneducated steersmen are promoting as spectacle of throwing off the decks the bodies of other people, shrieking those souls born of love of God, as "illegal".

If the analogy is apt, it is without reasonable contention other than that the beloved old hulk requires smart refurbishment.

Misconduct at sea is either piracy or mutiny, neither ever anywhere tolerable by wise and loving fathers. Mutiny and piracy are mere behaviours of natural persons who are possessed of conceits unreflective of the spirit of humanity.

The parliamentary cliques throughout Australia follow these false notions. In the 20th century, such bore violent international disputations of no merit.

Out of Australia in the past decade there has been joined false wars. It is clear that the proponents of the false overseas wars are urging more such, for private gain by revenue defalcation.

Our neighbours' sons and daughters prefer the noble and happy futures of freedom, prosperity, and realisation of the great frontiers which beckon us in international comity.

Han Imperial Sydney 汉帝国悉尼

Many advantages accrue with the accession of Imperial Regency in Sydney, particularly to introduce improved integrity public administration systems across the Australia islands, and to embolden the new century horizons of long happy lives, peaceful prosperity for all, and our push to new planets.

Australia is a country of its own common law. 

We learn to identify the incidents of common law through the observance of the obligations of our forebears and neighbours. 

What the common law is about is assurance of the happiness, prosperity, security, confidence of each and every one of us.

As elsewhere herein reasonably asserted, the legislated civil administrative arrangements about the Australian islands have fallen to ministerial decrepitude, deceitfulness and vice.

The Australian system is broke and requires immediate repair. 

Revolution Australia is required, reasonably to protect the wealth, enterprise, integrity, spirit and persons of all peoples of Australia.

Without war or other violent coup, national revolution requires steerage of professional discipline and absolute integrity, statecraft in practice of paternity at law, steel in resolve of achievement of national purposes.

If the globe boasts risks we share, we need to eschew the pimply Howard-Rudd-Abbott youths' characteristic of mendacious musings in facade of camouflaged tax preferences.

If Australia is to burn for climate change, then every Australian must be confident that the Southern Han Divine Peoples Imperial Corps will protect each, through exploitation of new worlds, as well as practical and sincere amelioration of causes of uncomfortable climate.

With the Imperial Regency having replaced the old Commonwealth and States of Australia, there will be no future of war between nations in these parts, and no threat of same.

Within the municipality of the islands of Australia, the Han Imperial Regency assures frugality in deployments, eradication of vice, restoration of public assets, fair and profitable opportunities for all.

The assertion of the Peoples Divine Imperial Regency in Australia may appear somewhat abrupt, but you may be respectfully assured of courtesy and reliability.

Australasian Southern Imperium Edict 2013

In Right and Authority of God the Almighty, the Merciful, the Father, the Secular, and His Divine Australasian Peoples, Their Southern Imperial Majesties in Council acting dutibound to protect the peace and security and lives of the peoples and nations and lands and seas including the skies and forever beyond make this law to the respect of all natural persons and corporations and combines of whatever form, all subject to the restraint and compassion of Their Southern Imperial Majesties in Council
  1. You are bound to be good and polite, to dress and deport yourself modestly in public and to respect all other persons and their faiths and their families and their businesses and offices.
  1. 2. Conspiring against or insulting or failing to meet the obligations of the sovereigns of these places by their officers punishable by mortal death and surrender of all properties to the Imperial Treasury.
    3. Conspiring against or insulting the sovereignty or peace of other nations and peoples is punishable by mortal death and surrender of all properties to the Imperial Treasury.
    4. Insult, ridicule or any harm about or to any or the Aboriginal peoples of Our places and peoples of any other race or family or faith is felony punishable to the sentence of the elders and councils of those peoples advising Their Southern Imperial Majesties.
    5. Murder or other culpable homicide, kidnap, rape, injury to the body of another, other sexual molestation, robbery, stealing, any larceny or embezzlement, tax avoidance, blackmail, slander, libel or other defamation, slavery, bribery, indiligence in Crowns or private duty, intimidation or any other malicious inflammatory expression, driving any carriage while stupefied, or conspiring or aiding to these ills is punishable by mortal death and surrender of all properties to the Imperial Treasury.
    6.  Holding or secreting the ownership and transfer of benefit of any money or other property obtained by fraud against the trust of the Australasian Divine Peoples whensoever and wheresoever is punishable by mortal death and surrender of all properties to the Imperial Treasury.
    7.  Except with the licence of Their Southern Imperial Majesties, the importation of any weapons or the holding of any weapons, and the importation or manufacture or distribution of any drugs or poisons or is punishable by mortal death and surrender of all properties to the Imperial Treasury, and all traffic of natural persons and goods of whatever form is subject to the regulation of the Imperial Treasury on the command of Their Majesties.
    8. False informing wrong is punishable by mortal death and surrender of all properties to the Imperial Treasury.
    9.  Disturbing the peace is prohibited on penalty of severest nature.
    10.  Publishing in whatever form depiction of the bodies of dead human beings or pornographic depiction of human beings or other creatures is prohibited absolutely.
    11.  All statutes and regulations and the like of any of the parliaments of Australia, now abolished, and England and any other place are repealed forthwith and retrospectively and the common law by the expression of Their Majesties in Council of the peoples of the islands of all ancient endurance stands, and all judgments of the Only, The Divine Peoples Imperial High Court of Justice in Spirit, Equity, Law and Justice are subject to the imprimatur of Their Southern Imperial Majesties.
    12.  Misrepresentation or corruption in or of works is prohibited absolutely.
    13. Any insult of any lady of Our Realms is prohibited absolutely and punishable on the recommendation of the Imperial Senate of the Ladies to Their Majesties. 

    God Help Us, Sydney, October 2013

    Please see
    Peoples Imperium individual income tax rate 15%, companies &c 20%

What happens if you die

The short answer to the headline question is: ADPA gets you back.

That is, agents of the Anti Death Party Australasia will locate your soul, and invite your consent to your reincarnation in human form, such form consonant with your comfort, pride and joy.

What you do after that is up to you. You should develop interesting and useful as well as gainful pursuits to fill in the endless hours.

Of course, wait for any other understanding, of which we would not deter you.

God the Father elicits human utility of his service, none of which necessitates your progressive frailty or suspension from enjoyment of the gifts of peaceful life in our many, near and far abundant places, of these centuries shortly before us.

Of course, the waiting list is immense, in single family terms, but thinking of all the cousins in family terms let’s one appreciate the pleasure of the task is the improving repetition.

If you seek inspiration for your longer days’ investments, what would alter current best practice?

Can you love forever? That must answer yes, for every human being is quintessentially a bloom of love, moulded commonly yet unique.

Less romantic ascription may be some learning, or if vulgar, self-demeaning in reflection.

And to extraordinary self gratification, where is the demonstrated service to the practical advantage of the empire of humanity whose whole trust we each individual souls wear?

If apprehending nothing after you die, now you can’t be surprised if we turn up, of course, leaving you the option.

ADPA asks that you merely accept as, perhaps odd tokenism, our vapid assurance that of course, should God turn up with prior rights’ insistences, we would immediately, largely vacate the field, as it were, and we are the least likely to call on the angels.

Largely vacate, because were you perhaps to apprehend a somewhat adverse tilt in the measure of divine balance, you could certainly in that circumstance rely on a positive response to your instructing us to plead the better result before God.

You may scoff, in the circumstance perhaps you will surprise yourself, as the ADPA agent reassures you that the plea on your behalf is guaranteed to succeed, but this is true. No fee is required. Discretion assured.

Of course, there are many more exotic climes described in cultures’ stories beyond our instant immediate intermediate mortal state, and ADPA assures all that its agents never intrude.

Persons In Law #jurisprudence

Australian Queen for Australia #AlwaysVictorious

The Australian federation is a stinking mess. If you're Australian you know that. How to fix it is another question.

The only way to clean up Australian politics and civil administration is to have an Australian Queen of Australia, who is not the Queen of Britain.

You know God elects the Australian Queen of Australia. 

The Australian Queen of Australia is Always Victorious.

You can trust the Australian Queen. 

You know the Queen trusts you.

The Queen is justice. 

The Queen brings the law.

The Queen is victory. 

The Queen is decency. 

The Queen is compassion. 

The Queen is mercy.

The Queen is eternal inspiration to all our young emperors and empresses. 

The Queen is incorruptible.

The Queen is learned. 

The Queen works.

The Queen is polite.

The Queen restores Heaven