Australia should join Xi trade wave

Trading across continents is the cornerstone of prosperity today and more prosperity tomorrow. 

Beijing proposals for extensive trading routes across populous middle Asia to Europe are higher priority than the south west Pacific.

Nonetheless Asia and Australia are greater and greater trading and populace partners. We are all better off in peace and prosperity than disrespectful expressions.

The essential ambitions of the contemporary State or country or nation are comfortable, wealthy families and individuals. Many other criteria might also attach. There are other essential ambitions. 

The eradication of human death is merely one among many, however significant, modern national ambitions.

Promotion of those ideals is achieved through good trade. 

Australia already trades to advantage with China. 

In grace, Australia should actively support Beijing's proposals for the Belt and Silk Road trading aggregations.

Anthony Monaghan
Anti Death Party Australasia

Time? Each O'Clock

A particular of the dimension of time is that time is humanly personal, as well as public, if not physical, but also, if not artificial.

Artificial because, for instance, daylight saving, is invented, applied and usefully applied by people. 

Likewise time zones, and calendars, charts of regular procedural allocations, and times for transports arrivals. So the multifarious representations of time to each of us seem not set by each of us, but others, or us in concert, but made up, and to convenience.

But personal, too, it seems a minute ago, was it that long, already, you look so much whatever, does our personal clock measure, a long day, a short night, it's Christmas, it's Easter, his time was up.

The science is that gravity bends time. We'll come back to this, in your service.

Practical steps to raising the dead

If there was a god, said to be cognized of traits of personality such as anger, or compassion, or persistence, or many more, one might apprehend a degree of relief if we people were to undertake, or at least to attempt to undertake, that task characteristic most attributed to the divine or heavenly, the lifting of the veil of death.

God The Relieved? What do you notice about a person whose work you do?

Of course this is impossible, perhaps lunatic, but for amusement of fantasy.

Before the time of the work Herr Roentgen, to image the internals of a living human body might have seemed fanciful. An early Rothschild might not have regarded as in any way likely the utility of the contemporary Goldman Sachs franchises. Messier, the astronomer, might have been nonplussed by Voyager I.

To the numbers of human beings who have died or who might yet pass on, in a closet of individuality imagined of self-righteousness, it may seem the many souls departed, say during the Stalingrad engagements of the 1940s, or like, are of such magnitude as to warrant incomprehensibility.

If you bring them all back, where would they live? In apartments, or houses, or tents?

Would the dead reborn be polite?

What would family, friends, or even old enemies think?

There are challenging answers to each and the many more questions of the prospects.

The answers are technological, psychological, and legal.

Parliament worse than no parliament

Government offices and services would continue
effectively if the March 2019 New South Wales elections were cancelled.

Government across Australia will improve without parliaments and the corrupt parties.

Before any polling day, our children are embarrassed at the grotesque antics of all the candidates and their parties.

After every polling day, members of the parliament and their party connections debase themselves and deceive you as they attempt to divert Crown resources into their capital connections' wallets.

The political parties and parliaments are unable to protect Australian revenues and virtue.

The All Australian Peoples National Congress guarantees your Australian future.

Australia Constitution has no mandate

People of the 1890s in Australia had conceptions of the Universe, the Earth, her all peoples, health and wealth and personal opportunities, of  fewer dimensions than people, say of Australia in 2015AD. 

But even in Australia in the 1890s, the majority of people did not vote for the Australian Constitution.

In the United States of America, there are increasing (please see) calls for reconsideration of the national civilian administration's institutions' interrelationships. It must seem an insurmountable edifice, the redrafting of the Constitution of the United States. The moon too far.

Likewise in Australia, there is a formidable fence surrounding the castellated fort of the affixation of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp) to our better known land, Terra Nullius, aka Australia Fair. 

We never forget our antecedents, theirs and our neighbours, and their enduring spirits of service, and we are inspired by their exemplified gifts of imagination and adaptability.

The Australia Constitution is not Australian, but an enactment of a foreign parliament, the British Imperial Parliament at Westminster in London.

And the Australia Constitution is mere paper, say as distinct from the Biblical Ten Commandments. You can't repeal a divine Act, even with a Senate majority. 

Others will assert the trail of Westminster and Australia Acts of the Westminster and Australian parliaments subsequently exclude any but Australian parliaments from legislating to the Australian common. That's a contestable proposition, having regard to trades, treaties and customs, at least.

The Constitution is only paper prescriptions, penned before Pluto was not known not to be a planet.

None of these paper statutes may withstand at law the express will of a Peoples Divine Empress in Court and Congress of Republic, which is a politically convenient and expedient narrative in gain of a wealthier and amply secured future for the Australasian peoples and our neighbours by the repeal of the inefficient Australian federal system and replacement by unified congress and professional senates with provincial delegations maintaining Commonwealth and States appearances and traditions.

How the Australia Constitution came to be affixed to the real estate was by voting for approval. Please see >>

Also from Wikipedia the following: 
"In 1901, the six Australian colonies united to form the federal Commonwealth of Australia. The first election for the Commonwealth Parliament in 1901 was based on the electoral laws at that time of the six colonies, so that those who had the right to vote and to stand for Parliament at state level had the same rights for the 1901 Australian Federal election. 
Only in South Australia (since 1894) and Western Australia (since 1899) did women have a vote. Tasmania retained a small property qualification for voting, but in the other states all male British subjects over 21 could vote.
Only in South Australia and Tasmania were indigenous Australians even theoretically entitled to vote. A few may have done so in South Australia. 
Western Australia and Queensland specifically barred indigenous people from voting."

So a lot of people of the nations of the country could not vote on the Australia Constitution. 
And of the few who were allowed to vote, most in fact did not vote in approval of the Constitution. 

Faithfully extrapolating from the vote counts of the referendums of the late 1890s on the Commonwealth Constitution: see here >>, one can see that 422,604 votes were cast in approval of the Constitution but 577,666 votes were cast against or failed to vote.

The Australian Constitution has never been put to the Australian electorate, except for a few amendments permitted by the torturous path imposed by section 128

In pidgin law, that section is a clog on the equity of redemption, of nations. 

For that reason, too, the Constitution may be safely repealed, even on appro, in the manner suggested.

#Australia parliaments crackers

This Australia parliamentary system is crackers. Everyone in Australia knows that.

The MPs rort everything, sound stupid, and hunt sinecures, while inflicting reductions and terror on the people. 

And there is no reason to accept except that parliamentary, executive, delegatory and associated contractor misbehaviour will widen, worsen, without relief to the common of these islands, unless.

What's behind unless need not be said to be better when compared to what the stupid parliamentary system will inflict on us next in the name of government.