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Government offices and services would continue
effectively if the March 2015 New South Wales elections were cancelled.

Government across Australia will improve without parliaments and the corrupt parties.

Before polling day, our children will be embarrassed at the grotesque antics of all the candidates and their parties.

After polling day, members of the parliament and their party connections will debase themselves and deceive you as they attempt to divert Crown resources into their capital connections' wallets.

The political parties and parliaments are unable to protect Australian revenues and virtue.

The All Australian Peoples National Congress guarantees your Australian future.

Why we are just people

US Supreme Court building Washington DC 
The blazon of the US Supreme Court ... "Equal Justice Under Law" really gets it wrong because justice is uniquely individual, commendably equivalent, but never equal, never the same.

And law is under our feet, emerging by god from the center of the earth, not overhead ethereality. 

Ground law constitutes nations. 

Justice is the only crop of law's earth. Justice vitalises the law. 

We people all walk above the law, carefully. 

The law supports our lively progresses in peace, prosperity, by assuring our confidence in others of justice rendered in common.

That's how we live, in just society. 

That's why and how we are just people.

#Australia MPs look unlucky

Senator Lazarus ... click to bio
Palmer United Party's Glenn Lazarus called on the government to abandon its policies and "move on". "You can polish a turd  for as long as you want, it's always going to be a turd," said Senator Lazarus. SMH More 22/01/2015 >>

Gold Coast LNP MP Ray Stevens did the second while being questioned by a reporter on Wednesday. Mr Stevens has faced repeated questions about the advice he received from the Integrity Commissioner, advice he told parliament approved his consulting and investing role in a $100 million Gold Coast cable car project while remaining a member of parliament and assistant minister. More SMH >>

Every State parliament needs remake #perth

Canberra corruption endangers Australian national defence. 

Australian sons and daughters and their children, their lives, their educations, their happinesses, their housing, their careers, their optimisms and noble spirits - all being stripped away by the public funded political parties' sneaky thieves, preference bribers, and vice retailers.

As infertile and predatory the Canberra poseurs' politiques, seamier, more viciously petty and ineffectual, cheap and rapacious, disrespectful, chronically dishonest, the antics of the malignant idiots running about each of the colonial State and Territory capitals, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin. And the local councils, too.

For this man, that is unacceptable conduct of the affairs of the common of the pas.

The executives are required to require their governors and the governor-general to yield in chivalry and compassion to the regency of the sovereigns in person.

Portentous comet 夜郎自大彗星

#NSW governor should use Crown power

New South Wales people reasonably fear the March elections will bring more and worse criminal behavior around the parliament and political parties, their members and candidates.

There is no other reasonable anticipation. 

NSW parents despair at the most ill behaviors exhibited by the parliamentary cliques.

Working people are abandoned by the Labor Party, whose sisters-in-treason, the Liberal-National Parties, are vice fronts.

Property holders may reasonably fear undervalued asset acquisitions, with later furtive dispositions to nepotic connections. Please see Public money into private wallet #icac

The NSW Governor should exercise his Crown prerogative to dissolve the parliament, commission reliable officers of integrity to govern, while and in command of the justices to present a parliamentary system which is able to defend capably the innocent from the ills. 

Governor, it's a question of the cut of your cloth, chum.

Tracking each soul by stars 中央铸造

This is a fiction, in service through nation in law.
Elsewhere herein exposed notion of law underfoot - please click here >>

If you would accept then that, ahem, Central Casting, envisioned from the center of this Earth, looking up at every person through the matrix of the law and there beyond the stars. 

What is apparent to the eye of the center may be a cascade of, say, steps, or breaths, of every person. That you may be unable to comprehend the doing of this should not deter you from considering its applications.

For between people, there are multifarious distinctions of spirit and movement and engagement, which make tracks across that imaginary celestial plane.

The stars here are individual and spirited. They twinkle back to Upstairs Department what you do, what you think. 

You'll have to remember the divine department is unconstrained by time, if not careless.

Also, of the stars, reading something of Hubble and his constants, permits the fiction of the solid sheets of starlight which may be imagined to backdrop our tracks of souls by stars.

#Architects to Imperial Australian Senate

In reformation of Australian civil administration, the Imperial Agency requires the guidance of the architects in their senate. Likewise, the engineers, the surveyors, the navigators.