Youse are just people

US Supreme Court building Washington DC 
The blazon of the US Supreme Court ... "Equal Justice Under Law" really needs modern amendment to reflect universal century ideals.

Justice is uniquely individual, commendably equivalent, but never equal, never the same.

Law is under our feet. 

Ground law constitutes nations. 

Our daily traverses are guided by laws set in earth.

Justice is the only crop of the earth's eternal spirit. 

We people all walk above the law, carefully. 

The two way street of common politeness is horizontal.

Vertically should be seen the same. 

Through your being, from the center of the Earth through the skies is your freehold by common law. 

The common law supports our lively progresses in peace, prosperity, by assuring our confidence in others of justice rendered in common respects.

That's how we live, in just society. 

That's why and how we are just people.

God never shed a tear #Pope

Dear Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome, muttered something about God shedding tears while touring the USA.

That is not Catholic understanding.

The Universal Church in fact holds to personality in the divine entirely otherwise mysterious, that is, beyond equivocation.

Failure to comprehend the Eternal is fundamental in the collapse of the integrity of the formerly reasonably commendable Vatican faculty of doctrine. 

Two Popes, one resigned, the other moulded by market research, is not the same authority. There are too many other recent decades' examples of the Vatican failing to articulate by word or act the compassionate, or the merciful dimension of the witness of the Risen Christ to wish to replicate.

Let's take a contestable proof to the existence.

For instance, if a bloke dreamed up the universe - and who is to say another couldn't, at any time yet? - that does not mean there would not yet exist the Evervescence we understand to be sacred and respectable.

The witness of Christ was personal. It is evanescent. 

But the evangelist witness of Jesus is merely a mask over the divine, determined in all purpose, by whatever fiction.


Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear

Life's a

Australia Crowns Agency Assert Justice

Australian Crown Agency is the only practical step forward in government affairs.

There is no reasonable opinion except that the inevitable momentum of the actions of the thoroughly corrupt local, State and Federal political factions is fatal to prosperity and peace, stealing honesty to feed the vicious, a path to degraded slavery.

There's too much wicked about the Australian rotten boroughs to say more than, that's enough. Neither is there cure of the mestastases in pleading for vain plebiscites through news media which extol the vices vigorously.

There are touchstone inspirations illuminating incidents of the essential criteria of good community asset and resource management. None of that has to do with whether your neighbour voted for someone else's mate. It all has to do with exploiting the best from each with respect and determination.

None of good government has to do with labrythine legislations and furtive preferences. Crown Agency brings honest common law across the whole of the land. 

Australian parents expect to be able to point to public administration officers, elected or appointed, as exemplars of modest behaviour, and expression, sober and respectful. 

Australian parents expect public adminsitration officials to assure capable and efficient resource delivery and result. None of good Australian government anymore should be about losing at war, and failing to provide teachers and hospitals.

You are the justice at common law. You make the law. You do that through your trust in the Crown. The Crowns are nothing without reflection of that trust.

The Crown Agency, from before the Danelaw, is the will of the souls of the peoples of a land, you, your neighbours. 

Your Wish is Our Command.

Spiritual Australia Monarchy not British

Inclusive, exemplary decency is the 21st century
Australian polity. 

Expensive pretentious parliaments are done, sunk. 

Real parliaments are required. Republic blah doesn't cut it. Swift, wholescale change is required, that with sturdy determination to assert wholesome, confident, gainful and assured peaceful centuries forward for our sector of Earth, call it Australia if you like.

Real parliaments comprise everyone - hence, the slogan "Google For Parliament", Twitter, FaceBook, &c.

We're a radical party. We guarantee achievement. It's a professional obligation, that is, in statecraft to purpose of prosperity and peace.

Income taxes on individuals are a principal cause of the blight of commercial fraud rendering malaise across the common. Those taxes should be arrested, the revenue recovered from enterprise and asset yields.

We're serious. We want teachers. We want hospitals. You will have free public transport, by our service delivery.

We will have more space in which to live. We will revitalise the hinterland and extend the coasts and in concert with the Most Ancient of the land and the seas.

We're against slavery, absolutely. We're against vice in public offering. We're not intrusive but we protect, insistently.

We see good futures for all. We know integrity and sure step delivers the hopes and dreams of the beauties and ambitions of our parents' best wills.

Reality of the futures of the #USA

"In modern America, the civil society is being steadily devoured by a ubiquitous federal government. But as the government grows into an increasingly authoritarian and centralized federal Leviathan, many parents continue to tolerate, if not enthusiastically champion, grievous public policies that threaten their children and successive generations with a grim future at the hands of a brazenly expanding and imploding entitlement state poised to burden them with massive debt, mediocre education, waves of immigration, and a deteriorating national defense" from the introduction at Amazon to the Levin work - please see here >>

All people feel American pangs

The reality of the future of the United States of America is survival, reassertion of the right to happiness, and peace and prosperity at home and abroad. 

How that comes about, of course, is primarily the business, the faculty, the senates of the American peoples, mothers and fathers, men and women, children. 

You can be confident of American parents' best wishes for their and their neighbours' childrens' futures, and their faculties of putting to the better wherever occurrences or unfortunate social conditions.

Your Southern Imperium wants American manufacturers, for value, to bring us great vehicles and in greatest numbers whereby we may oblige the Eternal Force and be ready to bring off the planet and to other more bountiful places the whole population should such be exigent any unwholesome climate circumstance. 

That's an uplifting task to set. It requires preparation. It is a national emergency. It does not tolerate indiligence among officers. It does not tolerate insurrection, except if successful.

That is what young people around the world want, confidence in all our noble, opportune, free and attractive futures, harmonious and prosperous. 

Levin is a poseur, profiting from urging others' children to civil war, or worse, pessimism and lack of faith in the American spirit of freedom, putting forward no rational or wise consideration of the plight of the Founding Fathers and their works, but howling ruination for the spectre of misnamed mosquito behaviours. If you can't advantage your least, you do not move a civilisation of equality and freedom.

Many great projects stand before humanity. Let's get to them.

Post revolution the only question

Click o SMH report 9/7/15
Chronic, deep-seated, avaricious, disrespectful dishonesty is the hallmark of all Australian political ministries and councils in these days. 

The executives, the parliaments and their protegees are all bawdy shops. 

This unhappy state Australians will otherwise. 

Such is the inevitable human momentum towards survival and better, all good tomorrows. 

That willy otherwise requires revolution. 

The nature of post-revolution new system of Australian government is the only question.