Elections wound Australia #PR

Here above pictured exemplifies thoughtless government message.

You can see, the message of the bus advertisement is defeated by the appearance of the advertisement. 

The effect of the message is at odds with the intent of the message.

The driver is distracted by the advertisement warning against distraction by a driver.

This instance, of government propaganda which on the surface is at odds with itself, has another lesson to expound.

The outcome of a community action is a substantial proof of the intent of community executives. That is a core principle of enterprise management. If the job is not done, then that employee is not doing the job. 

But further, what employees do in fact will tell you their intent on the job.

Intent is evidenced by action, by behaviour, by doing as well as not doing. 

That's why in New South Wales, and around Australia, MPs and other government connections are obliged to present all their accounts and assets for audit, in demonstration of what they in fact do.

Again, more importantly, the picture demonstrates a mortal weakness of the parliaments and their old divisive parties.

The proponent of the pictured advertisement passes that off as a revenue appropriation in purpose of safe guarding life and limb but it is to the opposite in consequence.

It's not funny to see revenue raised for hospital expenditure diverted to propaganda about building the hospital. Likewise with schools. Etc.

One may reasonably speculate that one among several motives of the advertisement was the desire by government ministers to represent to people that the ministers were genuinely concerned to the welfare of other people.

That's just an advertisement, 'though, you know it needn't be true. 

If that's what it takes to win an election to government, we need a better system of government.

Merely a risk of injurious climate change requires a wholescale and able community response. That isn't available under the 19th century Australian federal system because that system is so dishonest, it is utterly ignorant.

NSW Liberal-Nationals public money frauds

Following the Federal election on July 2, the Baird-Dominello NSW Liberal-National Party Government clearly intends to introduce further unjust and deceitful measures to make life poorer for people injured at work. 

Further, this LNP cabal is clearly determined to amputate the tradition of private legal professional practice, around Australia, particularly at common law. 

All legal professionals in New South Wales will want to think seriously about the threat to the integrity of  theirs and their neighbours’ children’s futures if the patent financial misbehaviours of the LNP are permitted to continue.

Unless the LNP is thoroughly defeated on July 2, the Baird-Dominello Govt will bring false accusations and egregious insults against legal professionals acting in workers compensation and motor accidents. 

The Baird-Dominello Govt will legislate to restrict access to the Courts, and increase levies to divert NSW revenues into the hands of offshore funds.
Likely the ALP will achieve office at the Federal election. Mr Shorten has committed to  a Royal Commission into the Australian financial system. 

That should be extended to statutory compensation schemes about the Commonwealth, particularly in New South Wales.

Just people by God #law #equity #regina

The blazon of the US Supreme Court ... "Equal Justice Under Law" really needs modern amendment to reflect universal centuries ideals.

Justice is uniquely individual, commendably equivalent, but never equal, never the same.

Law is under our feet. Ground law constitutes nations. 

Our daily traverses are guided by laws set in earth.

Justice is the only crop of Earth's eternal spirit

We people all walk above the law, carefully. 

The two way street of common politeness is horizontal.

Vertically should be seen the same. 

Through your being, from the center of the Earth through the skies is your freehold by common law. 

The common law supports our lively progresses in peace, prosperity, by assuring our confidence in others of justice rendered in common respects.

That's how we live, in just society. 

That's why and how we are just people.