Australia Workers Revolutionary Action Party

Australian Workers Revolutionary Action Party assures restoration of integrity in central government domestic and defence administration, says Mr Anthony Monaghan, of Sydney.

"Australian working people have been betrayed by the Australian Labor Party, the Liberal-National Party, the Greens, and so-called independent MPs," Mr Monaghan said.

"Working family people are fearful their interests and opportunities are being squandered by immature administators in public office but owned by vice mongers."

AWRAP urges widespread reform of the Australian political system.

"A nation which fails to succeed at war repeatedly requires certain correction of its deployment protocols," Mr Monaghan said.

Corrupt Mike Baird Govt corruption shocks #Sydney siders

The biggest sale to date has been the bundled sale of seven office buildings in 2013 for $405 million, including Bligh House, where GPNSW now leases the space. Property group Cromwell paid $53 million for Bligh House, and sold it this year for $68 million. More SMH 2 January 2016 >>

Brothels, gambling, liquor licences, and say cheese  ... NSW government huckster ministers Rob Stokes, left, and Mike Baird
From SirRex, Turramurra 
Looks like Baird & Co have taken a leaf or two from the Howard Govt play-book...
1) - Sell everything that's not nailed down while swimming in a river of gold from a boom (real estate). 
2) - Leave yourself rolling in dough. 
3) - Pretend the surplus is all because you captain an economically competent government.
4) - Spend, spend, spend on stuff that really isn't needed in ways that have more to do with political expediency than real future need.
5) - Leave a legacy of white elephant monuments &, most importantly, 
6) - Leave an unsolvable Rubik's Cube of a financial mess for future governments to try & fix.
Bravo Baird. Bravo. I thought we'd moved on from the sort of destructive government that white-ants the future just to plump up their partie's image here-and-now.

From Party Stooge
It will be public schools and hospitals next. This mob worships Thatcher. It would be naive to expect that they won't destroy Australia in exactly the same way that she destroyed the UK. On the plus side, the rich will own everything and the public nothing, satisfying an integral Liberal ideological need.

From Verbatim
Out they go!! And, as long as Mike continues to write up trivia on Facebook.

Word in being

The first form of thought is word. 

You might smell something that makes you think of something else, you might see a picture that reminds or inspires, you may touch and feel a surface which elicits sensation across a range.

Or on waking, the whole collection of your senses and volition of being may come to mind as word.

Sensible really, because that word or words to express per ora, by your mouth, out of your lungs through your throat and larynx, about your tongue and past your curved lips and incisive teeth, that word in expression even as merely in your unspoken thought is your assertion of your drive to survive in your right of being.

The primary relationship between mind and mouth of people is well accepted.

One point in purpose of the foregoing is that word, reasonably employed, is palliative, directional, consequential and of farther dimensions.

A century ago, time travel was fiction

In physics, a time machine is known as a closed timelike curve (CTC). Basically, an object makes a loop through spacetime to interact with its past self. In a recent work published in Nature, a team simulated the possible effect of a time machine using polarized light. Since they couldn’t actually make a beam of light travel back in time, they used two separate beams of light, with one beam mirroring an earlier state of the other. Their focus was to study how quantum computers might be affected by a CTC.

Quantum computers use the fuzzy aspects of quantum mechanics to perform calculations. Rather than discrete bits of 0s and 1s, a quantum computer uses quantum states or q-bits. The challenges of quantum computing are huge, but they have the potential to perform some incredibly difficult computations with relative ease. In the early 1990s, David Deutsch demonstrated that if a CTC is self-consistent on a quantum level, then quantum computers could solve computational problems known as PSPACE-complete. In other words, it would be the supercomputer of all supercomputers.

From Professor Brian Koberlein, astrophysicist and physics professor at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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A point has no dimension

A point has no dimension. 

A line, between two points, has one dimension, say width. 

A circle, or other shape, has two dimensions, say, width and height.

A sphere, say, a tennis ball, has three dimensions, width and height and depth.

The center of the circle or a sphere is a point. A line from that center point to another point of the circumference or the surface, takes up no space on the circumference. 

Therefore there is available an infinite number of lines between the center and the surface. 

Moreover, you may also apprehend there is a greater infinity in the number of points one might consider between the center point and the surface.

Finite pictures by endless words

The number of words is practically infinite, whereas the number of pictures is finite although endless.

For words, because any word, say, here, written, is nearly but a little awry at the idea sought to be expressed.

The actual point, the thought of the idea produced by the mind of the utterer, is substantially distinct from the substance - sound, ink - carrying the word, and further, the word itself, and the collections of other words in which one might appear.

Renovating America's Constitution

Bruce Higgins, San Diego - Therefore its time to go all in, introduce legislation to ban the manufacture, importation and sale of civilian guns and ammunition in the United States. The NRA will froth at the mouth over both small proposals and a total ban, since there is no difference in their reaction, we might as well go all the way and have one big fight rather than lots of small ones. The quicker we get this over, the sooner we will begin saving lives.

Manuel Molles, La Veta, Co - I, like most gun owners in the country, support sensible gun laws that take into account today's reality in this country. There are models for these laws, such as those of Canada and Australia. This stand by the editors of the New York Times is long overdue. End the carnage now.

Jim Jackson, Washington State - Vote for gun control and repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Solaris, New York - On Thursday, every Republican Senator but one voted against a bill which would have prevented people on the national terrorist watch list from purchasing guns. In other words, the same people the government prevents from boarding an airplane or who has their phone records reviewed due to suspected ties to jihadists can waltz into a gun store and purchase an assault rifle.

Victor, NY - When we realize that our current understanding of the Second Amendment comes with a terrible price - the price of other people's lives as payment for my right to defend myself and my family with a gun - then perhaps we can come to a better understanding of the Second Amendment: an understanding that comes with a price that others do not have to bear.

Brian Steffen - Repealing or amending the Second Amendment and bringing about reasonable firearms regulation won't end gun violence. But I have come to realize that Oliver Wendell Holmes was wrong: The Constitution will indeed become our suicide pact if we're not willing to change it and reign in this insanity. It's time that we save ourselves from ourselves.

Human death not inevitable: AntiDeathPartyAustralasia

Youse are just people

US Supreme Court building Washington DC 
The blazon of the US Supreme Court ... "Equal Justice Under Law" really needs modern amendment to reflect universal century ideals.

Justice is uniquely individual, commendably equivalent, but never equal, never the same.

Law is under our feet. 

Ground law constitutes nations. 

Our daily traverses are guided by laws set in earth.

Justice is the only crop of the earth's eternal spirit. 

We people all walk above the law, carefully. 

The two way street of common politeness is horizontal.

Vertically should be seen the same. 

Through your being, from the center of the Earth through the skies is your freehold by common law. 

The common law supports our lively progresses in peace, prosperity, by assuring our confidence in others of justice rendered in common respects.

That's how we live, in just society. 

That's why and how we are just people.