Hermes by Jungfrau in sunset 由爱马仕少女峰日落

Hermes selfie
Looking west at or after sunset shows Mercury, or Hermes to his closer pals, Achilles & co, traversing constellation sector Virgo, she decorated by the notable sparkler Spica, while across eastward adjacent the balances of Libra in the neighbourhood of lucky Zubenelgenubi, 
there's lightning as ruby Antares watches the waltz of Mars and Saturn over the Moon these nights. If it's cloudy, see the map right, or at the link below. 

Alpha Centauri - a nearby binary system
What's not to auspice? In the wings, south, Alpha Centauri, north of the ecliptic, Arcturus.

Zubenelgenubi between Mars & Saturn>

汉帝国悉尼 #Han Imperial Sydney

Many advantages accrue with the accession of Imperial Regency in Sydney, particularly to introduce improved integrity public administration systems across the Australia islands, and to embolden the new century horizons of long happy lives, peaceful prosperity for all, and our push to new planets.

Australia is a country of its own common law. 

We learn to identify the incidents of common law through the observance of the obligations of our forebears and neighbours. 

What the common law is about is assurance of the happiness, prosperity, security, confidence of each and every one of us.

As elsewhere herein reasonably asserted, the legislated civil administrative arrangements about the Australian islands have fallen to ministerial decrepitude, deceitfulness and vice.

The Australian system is broke and requires immediate repair. 

Revolution Australia is required, reasonably to protect the wealth, enterprise, integrity, spirit and persons of all peoples of Australia.

Without war or other violent coup, national revolution requires steerage of professional discipline and absolute integrity, statecraft in practice of paternity, steel in resolve of achievement of national purposes.

If the globe boasts risks we share, we need to eschew the pimply Howard-Rudd-Abbott youths' characteristic of mendacious musings in facade of camouflaged tax preferences.

If Australia is to burn for climate change, then every Australian must be confident that the Southern Han Divine Peoples Imperial Corps will protect each, through exploitation of new worlds, as well as practical and sincere amelioration of causes of uncomfortable climate.

With the Imperial Regency having replaced the old Commonwealth and States of Australia, there will be no future of war between nations in these parts, and no threat of same.

Within the municipality of the islands of Australia, the Han Imperial Regency assures frugality in deployments, eradication of vice, restoration of public assets, fair and profitable opportunities for all.

The assertion of the Peoples Divine Imperial Regency in Australia may appear somewhat abrupt, but you may be respectfully assured of courtesy and reliability.

Kaiser, bring us home 凯泽,带我们回家

Lt-Col Smith said Ms Kitchen touched on details, such as funeral arrangements, that in the past had been regarded as taboo. “She spoke to the soldiers quite frankly and emotionally and as a consequence of that they walked away recognising the sorts of conversations they should have with their partners,” he said. 

Surprising people previously dead 令人惊讶的人以前死亡

Without betraying authority for the following propositions, you'll find your efforts at resurrecting people previously thought to have been long dead perhaps somewhat easier with these kitchen tips.

Of course, all human souls yearn corporality.

People who have previously lived, and died once, and whom you are obliged to bring to their resurrection, are always surprised when you do.

Convincing theatrical surrounds are essential, in our experience, apt for the spiritualities personal of every human, of which you will have an adequate description in the materials you'll receive from the Peoples Divine Imperial Treasury, by post.

For instance, some deep in their souls' masses have proven particularly resistant to the notion of walking again in their improved but recognisable and equipped human form. Patience, gentle coaxing, but sometimes for an extended period of time may be required. The circumstance may be relieved by offering a quality whiskey, purely medicinal, or arranging a brass section banging out something of the previous times. Again, reference to the administration may be helpful.

People previously wrapped of souls' faiths of the divine generally need the faith-appropriate resurrection, although this may be generally said.

This may require quite a variety of attesting identities and backgrounds, sometimes beyond the immediate resources of most families, and again Imperial Services are at your disposal.

It is the concern of the administration to assure satisfactory education, housing, employment, health services, and some capital needs, as well as essential rebirth certification and associated matters.

That is not at all to deter your provisioning, which of course should be discussed with your Shire Consul.

ImpsOz to appoint Australian #Catholic bishops

Gospel of Australian Child Sexual Abuse, by George Pell
The continuing misconduct of senior administration of the Roman Catholic Church in Australasia - wicked over the past two decades without respite - has been sufficiently seriously neglectful of the exemplification of the purity of the spirit of the passion of the Risen Christ to warrant its usurpation at the edict of the Emperors of the Divine Peoples Australasian Imperial Crowns and replacement with an Australasian Catholic Vatican and Holy See in Sydney, for this continent and region.
Author Mr Peter Fitzsimons
"The breathtakingly arrogant venality and cruel callousness of Cardinal George Pell continues to stun me. Speaking via video link from Rome to the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse on Thursday he compared the responsibility of the Catholic Church for sexually abusing children to that of a "trucking company". More SMH 2014/08/24 >>

Truckers decry Pell

The Australian Trucking Association says Cardinal George Pell has insulted every truck driver in Australia with the analogy he made to the child abuse royal commission. Cardinal Pell told the commission on Thursday the Catholic Church is no more legally responsible for priests who abuse children than a trucking company that employs a driver who molests women. More SMH 2014/08/24 >>

#Vatican "distinct from Church" says #Rome >>

Det Chief Insp Fox: "I can testify from my own experience that the church covers up, * silences victims, hinders police investigations, alerts offenders, destroys evidence and moves priests" Daily Telegraph 9.11.12

Mahony and other bishops subsequently received a lengthy report warning of the legal and public relations ramifications of abuse and offering tips for dealing with such cases. The report, written by a priest, a psychiatrist and a lawyer, presented the topic in a risk-analysis manner appealing to pragmatists like Mahony. "Our dependence in the past on Roman Catholic judges and attorneys protecting the Diocese and clerics is gone," the report said. ... Mahony's schedule brought him in regular contact with the police chief and the district attorney, but  he never mentioned the accused abusers in his ranks or reported them to law enforcement. In private memos, he discussed with aides how to stymie police.

10 commandments have 2 points 十诫有两点 
Any, each and every human
Cardinal #Pell, re simony #Vatican
#Pell posture proves #atheist
Why #Pell goes to #Rome #Vatican
In the neighbourhood of frogs

#Vatican "distinct from Church" says #Rome

In its response, the Holy See insisted that it was "separate and distinct" from the Roman Catholic Church, and that it was not its practice to disclose information about the religious discipline of clergy unless requested by the authorities in the country where they were serving. More BBC 16/1/14 >>

THE Vatican has refused to hand over the 
Vatican trucks vices
files of Australian priests accused of sex crimes to the child abuse royal commission. Claiming the internal documents were the property of the Holy See, the Vatican argued the commission’s request was “neither possible nor appropriate”. More 22/8/14 >>

Sack the Vatican, in the name of God: AdpA >>