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In making what amounted to his first major decision since his re-election last month, Mr. Cuomo embraced the conclusion of state health officials that important health issues remain unresolved and that it was impossible to declare that hydraulic fracturing is safe for the environment or human health. NY Times 2014/12/18 >>

Everyday usefulness of infinite dimensions

A vacuum has nothing but dimension. 

You might imagine, beyond Earth, places which are absent any matter, and likely you also imagine some boundaries of those places.

In the lab, you may see a vacuum flask, with nothing in it. Nonetheless you may describe its boundaries.

What is which lacks dimension? 

Even your single thought - whatever its nature - must have more substance than that which is without dimension. Therefore, your each thought has physical dimension.

An absence of dimension is the inverse of the universe.

That is not a black hole, but the concept may serve our understanding of those phenomena.

All the foregoing is product of imagination. It is useful narrative, a line of thought, thereby dimensional.

A dimension must have objective quality - that is, referable by all - and a dimension must have subjective usefulness, so that it is of service to human beings. You can readily see that with height, width, depth. 

Charge at Krojanty 2012 / Szarża pod krojantami 2012 [HD]

Hewn sky السماء المحفورة

I plan to remain that way

"I am not a snowflake. I am not a sweet, infantilising symbol of fragility and life. I am a strong, fierce, flawed adult woman. I plan to remain that way, in life and in death."

Comedian Stella Young and staunch disability advocate, before her death this week, after the recent death of a friend who was likened to a snowflake on social media.

Pleiades envision soul

These occasional expositions are national service at law.
Pleiades - click to wikipedia entry
Each reader may confidently find direct observation of the constellation known as the Pleiades, as well as consideration of the science and romances of these beauties, resemblant their eternal soul within the contemplations between mind and mortality.

This imaginary modelling may be useful in several respects.

In reassuring your health, each of the moving points of your recollections of your observation of the stars group may be assigned to either your mind's eye's response to hurts, or to assurance of continuance of good physical health. An imaginary meta index, you might observe. It may help to put aside any notion of distance.

Julius Caesar regarded the Pleiades is home to the vestal spirits.

Where the vestals interred C is another story.
Whereabouts that chap

Why Air Force, & #Army, is going to #Navy

Gravity fields are the oceans for our next generations' sailings, and mass capacity vehicles are required.

Mere degree of concentration of water vapour in the medium of traverse across an Earth gravity field is no longer warrant for the consequential administrative dead costs wakes of deployment delays, rivalrous quarters, etc.

The Wings and Traditions may be well preserved and respected within the evolution of expressions of spirit of service.

Your Command requires many big ships capable of taking the whole populace off the planet. That requires engineering and capacity.

All young people should be able to pilot the small and large aircraft, as well as navigate any size and style of other boat and ship.