Reds September sky

Having fled the enrapturing sirens of silky Saturn this past 30 plus days, and having previously leaped lucky Zubenelgenubi, the blazon of men's hearts, Mars - Galah to his mates, including Gaius - has now entered the apparent bounds of the wondrous wide acres of Scorpio, to the northerners, and therein, love's unflinching ancient empress and queen and princess and young lady, Antares.

Whose will be the scarlets' contest? Viva!

Incidentally, from our south, more horse eyes milky way, with heart, Antares.

Common plot against #God

Announcing Australian military deployment to Iraq in September 2014, the unfortunate Australia Prime Minister Mr Anthony Abbott resorted to an invocation of the divine.

According to Mr Abbott, "Australian muslims will be acting against God if they join Islamic State ...": Sydney Morning Herald 15 September 2014 >>

"Against God" as spoken expression, particularly in condemnation of the putative actions of other people, demonstrates the Canberra system is spiritless, as well as poor of expression.

Because everything Australian MPs say in public posture is untrue, perhaps La Abbott's expression should be overlooked, or merely to note that Rhodes scholarships may be overrated, or that Rome-type Catholicism, per La Pell, requires rigorous renovation to achieve satisfactory standard of administration and evangelism - please see Dear George Cardinal Pell >> .

The reality is that every human, every soul, is distinct from God. That is the exposition of every writing to spirituality, including atheism.

A brilliant of Islam is exposition of the distinction between a human and God the Father. The same distinction is central in every Christian witness. The distinction is the overwhelming adumbration of the instructor of Abraham. The much more ancient revelations of the divine in Hindu and northern India underscore also likewise. And about Beijing, more than 5,000 years ago, there was extant expression of such divine revelation. 

Far many more thousands of years before those northern hemisphere revelations of the divine, on Australia the divine spirit had made enduring, transmissible promise in overt expression.

"You know what he meant," one of the Abbott voices will chirrup in response. Not what he said?

Yes, we know that the prime minister has many different voices. He is not to believed on his word now, so he is not to be believed that he was truthful when he made oath of office. 

That suffices to disqualify him from office, and entitles money recovery.

Also entitling revenue recovery, the "against God" patent logical falsity from the prime minister was advanced in context of reason to bring the nation to offshore war. That is, this prime minister relies on false matter to cause Australia to war abroad. 

In SMH 3 July 2014 Mr Abbott labels former prime minister John Winston Howard as Mr Abbott's "Supreme Teacher". Reasonably, you would expect a faithful Australian Catholic to identify God the Father as the Supreme Teacher. Moses only transcribed the commandments after all - please see - and Jesus was not witness to himself. Abbott's worship of Howard is patent spiritual apostasy, in defiance of the second commandment. 

As executive Crown officer responsible for inflicting losses to the Australian Imperial Revenues by cause of false and failed war - please see - John Winston Howard has yet to account. It seems robbery in company.

Expecting southern aurora

Errors show corruption in #Pistorius judgment

Useful when considering the integrity of judgments at law is to run an administrative comb through the reasons for judgment. 

Fundamental to capable civil and military administration is that Crown officers, including judges, are able to explain why they decided to cause the State to make a particular decision. 

A decision relying on irrelevant facts should be set aside, because such decision endangers public integrity. Likewise, a decision which rejects reliance on relevant facts.  

A little more deeply, you may see that if a decision maker accepts irrelevant grounds, what those grounds were substantially relevant to is evidence of the nature of the impetus of the decision maker. 

This analytical method exposes the Pistorius trial judgment as the product of judicial corruption, particularly undisclosed bribery of a judge, because there is no other compatible explanation of the basic, substantial, critical errors of law in the judgment, all of which errors favoured the accused. This theory fits the patent money balance about this trial.

ABC News >> Oscar Pistorius: Five key pieces of evidence in the Blade Runner's trial

Whatever parliaments enact, anywhere and anytime without excuse murder is meaning to and causing human death, guilt fixed doubtlessly. 

Let's look at just several of these critical errors of law. For points of evidence, kindly click here >>

The Pistorius judgment reasons affected to exclude acceptance of the evidence of neighbours who witnessed screaming and shots, which evidence proved dispute between the deceased and the accused. That is relevant to intent.

Continue: please go to Pistorius II >>