Venus moves South China Sea war scenario

Further to last month's observations - see Planets' rivalries presage South China Sea War - bold and beautiful Venus, Aphrodite, has flung upwards the western horizon and tonight, 18 October 2016, is at the threshold of the head of the Scorpion, that ruddy northern constellation boasting prized ruby Antares.

Mars must have seen her coming, and what was earlier taken to be a rush to assert himself before mysterious Saturn who is dallying yet, while Mars has scooted into the arms of the northern archer, Sagitarius, rather ominously it was previously thought, you know, reputed god of war in the arms of the archer, after all, now it seems the diffuse halos of tranquility and beauteous serenity which precede the lustrous Venus have put aside any considerations of belligerence.

In such circumstances, given the reflections of proceedings in the South China Sea apparent in the night time movements of the planets and stars, things look more peaceful.

What will Mars do next? 

Where is Mercury? 

The cause of future events #auspol #usa

Who would have guessed this picture would be placed here?

We're familiar with what is sensibly known as cause and effect. Cut butter, two blocks. Brick over mortar over brick, wall. Imagination brings artifice. 

We head forward, we may think, for many good objectively reckonable notions about the progress and utility of each our lives. By our any each, even most secretly innerly held intent, even those we may sometimes heed without rationality available to express, move our lives along, the track, the avenue, the ocean, the sky, the earth.

Another perspective may as well be to estimate events, in our lives, in our histories, and beyond particularly, by considering what is the outcome of events, and determine that that collection of outcomes - the future - is guided by what is temporally beyond that future.

So perhaps one might say that what guides the future is what is beyond that future.

Brothels are bigger with Baird #CasinoMike

The NSW Liberal-National Party in a corrupt, briberous and deceitful civil administration, is scoffing at donations laws, preferring to divert the revenues from their purposes. 

Reasonable critics are abused as "whingers" by Baird planning minister robot Rob Stokes. 

Another flakey thief, Victor Dominello, is telling you that threatening your freehold is good for you. 

Mark Speakman reckons shooting brumbies in the Snowies is good for the environment, while he's chopping down more trees in the 'burbs. 

And every drop of fuel squeezes a couple of half tenths of a cent via the ethanol backdoor into Baird business profits. 

Brothels are bigger with Baird. 

So is gambling. 

Liquor, well, so long as you've got a Baird licence. 

Nobody gets a pay rise. 

Taxes are up. 

These fellows are slavers.

Planets' rivalries presage South China Sea War #usmc

Update to come 3/10/2016 - the star of eternal feminity Venus sparks our mother Moon, sister Mars is plunging into the arms of the Amazonian archer Saggitarius, while sister Saturn yet sidles off side Antares, to the north.

But in July then, tonight, and in these coming months, looking overhead on the clear night, all around Earth except beyond the Arctic Circle, you have a fine view of passages of the markers of the eternals in personam, our Earthlings' sibling planets, particularly in order from the west, bright and brilliant Jupiter, some way then particularly ruddy Mars, then over the star nearly as ruddy Antares - the ruby of Scorpius - to the also rosily hued Saturn, she of many beguiling presentations.

Here's a quick look >> Sydney sky

You have to know the personalities of these players' markers: Jupiter, Imperial Father; Mars, Jealous War; Saturn, Enchanting Changeling. And Antares, named so that she is distinguished from Mars. 

To understand the cause of the coming war in the South China Sea, you would have noticed that Mars in past months has readily moved west past and beyond Antares, his twain twin, out of Scorpio apparently heading towards Virgo, entitling the naive to believe in pursuit of the slower westward pace of majestic Jupiter.

In this time, from farther east, steaming towards the underside of Scorpio, bright rosy Saturn has progressed and now appears intent on spending some time having herself compared with ever stellar Antares. The board is two dimensional.

But more recently Mars has turned back towards Scorpio. He seems determined to arrest Saturn's pretension of familiarity with her proximity to Antares. 

A jealous Mars begets war.

That would explain the also recent retour of Jupiter, moving to watch closer the game. Saturn has shifting skirts and volume. Mars blazes.